Tuiles pour toiture

Flat bottom with tenons

These flat bottom tiles are specially designed for the renovation of tiles laid on batten.

It is a traditional flat-bottomed tile that allows the repair of old roofing.

To avoid slip tiles, it is strongly recommended to nail at least 1 in 10 or 1 in 5. Moreover, we pre-pierce our tiles for this purpose.

Also available without tenons

For this model you can choose different colors (see below or 3D animation).

Country roof tiles

The country roof tiles "Canal de Pays" have been specially developed to meet the shadows, shades and texture of the old Roman handmade tiles.

They are ideal for renovating old roofs. Performance is similar to the new channel tiles. The roof and preserves its former appearance.


Installs on the laths or battens: The Fixocanal is a 2 in 1 tile.

A tile designed and fabricated by ourselves which make the installers work easier while conserving the quality of the pure clay and the knowhow of our factory.

For this model we offer various colors in the "pan" (see below or 3D).

You can also choose to tint the tile "pan area" with 2 or 3 different colors from those shown below colors (mixed shades, premixed in the palette).


Hook Roof Tile

Our hook roof tile "canal à crochet" is intended for installation on the battens:

Very Stable and with a very secure attachment (the battens are attached to the frame or attached on the laths.)

For this model we offer various colors on the Pan side (see below or 3D).

You can also choose to tint the pan side with 2 or 3 different from those shown below colors (mixed colors (mixed tons), delivered premixed in the palette).

End stop roof tile

The end stop roof tiles for the cap. The lugs on each side lock together and stop slippage.
When the roof is completed the locking pins are no longer seen as much.

These tiles can also be installed on "pan" but only on the cross battens.

Roof tile

Respectful of a long tradition of coverage, the roof tile "canal" (bootleg) blends harmoniously into the landscape. Thanks to a sophisticated and accomplished production , the roof tile "canal" signed Tuilerie LAMBERT offers a high quality product.

The roof tile "canal" is available in 2 lengths: 40 or 48 cm

We have developed a system to obtain rounded edges on each side, removing the bright and sharp edges.


The installing of cap and pan tiles: