Nos Produits

Polygonal terracotta wine tile

The "polygone terracotta wine tile" from Tuilerie LAMBERT are simple and compact:

Couvre-mur "Périgord"

The original wall coverings

With an elegant and reversible form, this wall coverings "Périgord" has a perfect finish.

It effectively protect your walls guiding the water without retaining the algae and mosses.

Installation Instructions: Installing the lime mortar or cement mortar. Provide a slight slope on the outside of the wall to allow the flow of rainwater. Do not block the tile completely : leave a slight air passage under the tile to allow for ventilation.

Wall cover "Roman"

An adaptable wall coverings

Solid and thick, this wall coverings "couvre-mur Roman" can adapt to your walls curve, while keeping a perfect finish.

It permanently protects your walls by guiding the water off the wall without any retention of algae or mosses.

Thick wall cover - canal with parallel edges

The ideal wall covering for thick stone walls

Robust, it covers 0.60 m wall and is ideal to ornament your stone walls and protect them.


Wall cover - canal with parallel edges

"The classic"

A very simple form, the wall cover "bords parallèles" will adapt to your walls surface with an easy installation.

These tiles can also be used to make the "génoises".

The wall cover "bords parallèle" comes in 3 sizes: 0.28, 0.33 or 0.40 m.


Wall cover canal with bias edges

A "traditional" look.

Depending on the aesthetic you are looking for, the wall cover "canal à bords biais" will adapt to the wall surface with a very easy installation.

The wall cover "canal à bords biais" exists in three sizes: 0.28, 0.33 or 0.40 m

Chatière tile

The chatière enables the ventilation of the roof, it participates with the douille and lantern tile in VMC framing of your home.

  •  Easy to install

  •  Clean cuts

  •  Durability over time

Douille tile and lantern

The tile "douille" and its "lantern" are designed for ventilation of the VMC.

They come in many colors, to match your roof.

  •  Stability
  •  Easy to install

  •  Durability over time

Gargoyle tile

The gargoyle tile is a purely aesthetic element because it allows the change from a flat to a round pan at the drain of the roof to keep the harmony in apperance.

"Coupée de départ" cut edge start tile

The "coupée de départ" (cut edege start tile) exists with or without tenons.

It depends on the tile cap you choose. You can see an example of fixation in the slideshow above.

The coupée de départ Tile is the first laid in cap, it is this tile that starts the row and facilitates the work of the installer.
This tile is attached directly to the frame and is the tile that the others rely on.