A family history

The Tuilerie Lambert was created in 1880 with the first tile-moulder who came to St. Adjutory, a certain Mr. Henry LAMBERT.

Since then, the LAMBERT's have succeeded from father to son until 1960, when Mr. LASCOUX Philippe married Miss LAMBERT Odette.

In 1969, the "Lacq" gas pipeline was only 430 meters from the factory, M.LASCOUX a young entrepreneur had taken the important decision to connect the ovens to the gasline.

Then, very quickly the Tuilerie was modernized, in 1971 with a 300 meter "séchoir à balancelles" (Drying tunnel), in 1975 a automatic gas kiln tunnel, in 1981 an automated destacker and in 1991 a automated stacker, which permitted the manutention of 2400 "Canal tiles" per hour.

Aurélien BALUTEAU and his mother, Marie-Bernadette BALUTEAU (the daughter of Odette and Philippe LASCOUX ) continue to manage the Tuilerie Lambert having the desire to continually improve manufacturing techniques, the quality of the canal tile and the impact on the environment.

"In every generation, each has changed the factory depending on their skills and new techniques."


Today, six generations have passed and the Tuilerie Lambert is still a family business that offers a unique and ancestral know-how .

  • Mr. Henry LAMBERT, the first tile-moulder came to Saint-Adjutory...

  • The succession of Mr. LASCOUX Philippe and the marriage marriage of Miss LAMBERT Odette

  • The Tuilerie Lambert modernises with a 300 meter "séchoir à balancelles" (Drying tunnel)

  • An automatic gas kiln tunnel.

  • An automatic destacker.

  • An automatic stacker, which permitted the manutention of 2400 tiles per hour.

  • The Tuilerie LAMBERT is a famile business who propose a unique service and a know-who ancestral.