Polygonal terracotta wine tile

The "polygone terracotta wine tile" from Tuilerie LAMBERT are simple and compact:

  • Small self-supporting, self-locking, modular, and aesthetic.
  • Thick and heavy to protect from shock, impacts, light and temperature variations
  • Perfectly smooth finish.
  •  Stability
  •  Solidity
  •  Modulable
  •  Interlocking

  •  Lifespan 30 years +

  •  Natural product without silicone

Characteristics polygonal terracotta wine tile
Depth 29 cm
Quantity per pallet 250

Unit weight

2,250 kg
Poids par palette 0,570 t.

Number of tiles per m2

Number of bottles per m2 66
Nos Couleurs: 
  • Rouge naturel

    Rouge naturel