Flat tile d'entablement

The entablature flat tiles is mainly used for making the génoises.

Side by side, the flat tiles form a ridge which separates the flowing waters of the facade.

These are covered by a row of canal tiles and overhanging and filled with mortar

We offer wall coverings (bords parallèles 0.28 m) for making the génoises.

The génoise is very aesthetic and also serves to protect the wall and its roof support.

  •  Authentic old fashion roof
  •  Solidity
  •  Protect the wall
  •  Can be use to make a genoise tiling
  •  Lifespan 30 years +
  •  Natural product without silicone
Characteristics flat tile  d'entablement | 295mm
Length 295 mm
Width 180 mm
Thickness 17 mm
Unit weight 1,6 kg
Pallet weight 0,800 t.
Number per ml 5,5
Quantity per pallet 500
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