Charentaises round rive tiles

The roof edge can be covered with rive rondes tiles, right roof edge and left roof edge (the sense is determined by facing the slope), with or without bar.
The bar provides better sealing of the roof, because the rain can not infiltrate.
The rive ronde without bar needs to be mortered while the rive ronde with the bar can be laid dry.

Our rives are always drilled with 2 holes which are used for screwing onto the batten edge.

If you want other than "natural red", please contact us.

  •  Suitable for renovation (old fashion aspect)
  •  Stability
  •  Solidity
  •  Drilled with 2 holes
  •  Clean cuts

  •  Easy fixation

  •  Lifespan 30 years +

  •  Natural product without silicone

Characteristics Tuiles de rives rondes charentaises l 0,40 or 0,48
  0,40 m 0,48 m
Length 400 mm 480 mm
Width big end 175 mm 175 mm
Width small end 135 mm 135 mm
Unit weight 1,6 kg 2 kg
Quantity per pallet au détail au détail
Number per ml 4 3,1
Recouvrement ≈140 ≈170
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  • Rouge naturel

    Rouge naturel