Ridge Tiles

The ridge tiles are wider than the canal "classic" and are combed for better adhesion of the mortar.

The ridge tile is a semi-round cover for the horizontal beam, placed at the junction of two sides of a roof.

Several colors are available with this product (see below or in 3D animation)

  •  Authentic old fashion roof
  •  Solidity
  •  Smooth surface

  •  Clean cuts

  •  Lifespan 30 years +

  •  Natural product without silicone

Characteristics Faitières l 0,50 m
  0,50 m
Length 500 mm
Width big end 240 mm
Width small end 205 mm
Unit weight 3,5 kg
Pallet weight 1,400 t.
Quantity per pallet 400
Number per ml 2,5
Nos Couleurs: 
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    Rouge naturel
  • Rénovation

  • Clair

  • Val des Charentes

    Val des Charentes
  • Clair Vieilli

    Clair Vieilli