Our Values

At the Tuilerie LAMBERT, throughout the years we have built our knowledge on a formidable and fundamental naturel resources : L'ARGILE PURE (Pure Clay).

In addition to being highly resistant once baked,the pure clay is an element 100% naturel.

Throughout the manufacturing process, we strive to develop upon this quality:

  • No added degreasing agent such as sand.
  • No addition of chemicals in the raw material or in the finished tiles.

Today, the tile continues to protect us from the sun, rain, cold. It is one of those materials that have passed throughout the ages and has been built upon with a world of technique's and technology to improve their quality, performance, diversity, and their response to all market expectations.

Environmental and natural qualities are now part of these expectations.

Tuilerie LAMBERT took the lead and is able to offer you high quality products 100% natural with pure clay.

Our priorities with respect to our clients:

We are also committed to values​​, which over the years have enabled us to retain our customers. These are:

  •    Good listening needs and requirements of our customers

  •    High reactivity

  •    A service which is technically competent

  •    Quality products, which correspond to the initial demand.

The reputation of the company is based on the quality of its products, which allows it to retain its traditional market, despite competition.